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Collaborative alliances are everything


Getting to the next level

Whether your next level means becoming an ACO (Accountable Care Organization), staying ahead in the era of healthcare reform, breaking the $10m-50m-500m-$1b barrier, national expansion, becoming a Lean organization, merger, entering a new market, or alignment around an aggressive strategy, getting everyone pulling in the same direction with determination is at the core of success.

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Engage business teams in assessing their own performance, setting their own stretch goals for improved effectiveness, and building the accountability systems to deliver on their commitments.

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What our clients have achieved:


Next-level organizational performance

  • Strategic Readiness of Board and Leadership followed by acceptance as a Pioneer ACO.
  • Strategic turnaround
  • 30%  year over year growth
  • Expansion of integrated care system
  • Statewide market influence
  • Agreement on controvercial strategy
  • Execution of aggressive strategic plan.
  • Physician commitment to strategic alliance
  • CEO/Physician Board resolution of conflict
  • Continuous Improvement system
  • Reinstatement of Federal charter.
  • New CEO reversal of mgt. complacency.
  • Annual strategy management process
  • Pivotal merger with major competitor
  • Successful key process improvements.
  • Company re-design by senior level engineers.

Individual leaders' value contribution

  • Successful long-term alliance from disruptive relationship.
  • Senior Director contribution at strategic levels from modest performance.
  • Medical Director turnaround from dysfunctional relationship with Admin.
  • C-level collaboration with Board from career ending conflict.
  • Medical Director restoration of confidence that had eroded.
  • Sr. engineer mastering of political barriers
  • MD CEO realignment with Board of Directors.
  • Board Chair re-establishment of confidence.

Education of up-and-coming leaders

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