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Whether for you, the next level means becoming an ACO (Accountable Care Organization), staying ahead in the era of healthcare reform, breaking the $10m-50m-500m-$1b barrier, national expansion, becoming a Lean organization, merger, entering a new market, or alignment around an aggressive strategy, getting everyone pulling in the same direction with determination is at the core of success.

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Engage one of your critical business teams in measuring and dramatically improving their own performance, setting their own stretch goals for improved effectiveness, and building the accountability systems to deliver on their commitments.

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Customer results:

  • Physician board, historically at odds with its CEO, becomes a vibrant, business savvy partner, growing its Pioneer ACO by 300%
  • Beleaguered association of 20+ home care agencies forges a clinically integrated network developing strategic relationships with ACO's, SNF's, and Insurers
  • Jewish temple vision committee, hopelessly stalled and contentious, crafts a unifying new direction for its community within three focused strategy sessions
  • National Historical Corridor's fractionated board mends longstanding political standoffs, achieving the reinstatement of its at-risk Federal charter
  • More ...

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Hospice is about living - Blog

What if your hospice patients' goals were all "Life!"

Could we build a hospice-homecare system with people, care processes, and resources that supported that goal?