Chris T. Holland,   President and Founder

He's not your typical leadership consultant.

He's walked in your shoes.

He believes that ...


  1. Achieving rapid business results is the prime directive;
  2. Breaking through logjams at top levels of Executive Leadership and Boards of Directors is not for the faint of heart;
  3. Professionals collaborate best when they have a compelling focus, a deadline, something of value to bring to the table, a curious mind, commitment to an agreed-upon approach, and a grasp of the whole;
  4. There's wisdom in the customer and in the people closest to the action and it's the job of leadership to engage it for the betterment of the enterprise;
  5. Being political savvy is a requirement for leadership career success;
  6. Continuous Improvement Methods must drive organizational performance;
  7. People excel when they're doing what they love; and
  8. Leadership is a sacred responsibility not to be taken lightly.

... and he has the know-how to help others be successful at bringing each one to life.Chris' background